Shopping, School, and a Visit to the Hairdresser

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Fri 2 Sep 2011 04:57
Hi All,
This morning we went for a walk with the crews from the other rally yachts in the anchorage. We walked about 45 mins up the road to a fairly well-stocked store where we purchased some consumables (eggs, Tusker beer, and sweets). We then returned to the boat about midday and have spent the afternoon doing school.
Having been getting a bit shaggy of late, later in the day Grace was contracted to give Dad a haircut - out with the clippers and the No.2 comb, and I now look like I have lost an argument with a lawnmower, but won't need a lot of shampoo for the next few weeks.
The jury is out on the topc of sharks in Port Sandwich - some of the locals say they wnet away about 10 years ago when the abbatoir closed down, and a young girl saying she saw one "just the other day..." Taking the precautionary aproach, we won't be swimming around here anytime soon.
We will most likely wait here until the day after tomorrow and then make for Lamen Bay on Epi Island. Lamen is supposed to be Dugong and Turtle central, so here's hoping we see a few.
Until tomorrow, TTFN