Mother's Day and Back at Gulf Harbour Again...

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sun 9 May 2010 05:21
Position 36:37:38S 174:47.27E

Hi All,

In the face of a severe set of weather forecasts for the next week (thanks to a big low NW of NZ) we decided to return to the marina. This will allow the kids to go to sea scouts on Wednesday night and we will be able to get a few more of the ongoing maintenance tasks progressed.

Today started well with the kids giving Cate "Ellie" - a small hot water bottle in a fluffy blue elephant cover. With this also came some socks and pamper coupons. Gracie cooked a lovely breakfast, after which we weighed anchor (best mud yet) and had an exhilarating sail back to the marina. On arrival we were put on B finger and the Security Guards then returned our car keys which I had inadvertently left in the back of the car when we left on Thursday. Oops.

Later this afternoon, Sarah cooked some lovely savoury pancakes which we had for a (very) late lunch.

Just listening to the weather forecasts, it doesn't look as if we will be getting out of here much before the end of the week. C'est la vie - we might head north and enjoy the Kauri Forests and Capre Rienga for a few days.