School Day and a Swim in Shark Infested Waters

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sat 3 Sep 2011 07:35
Hi All,
Another quiet day in Port Sandwich, with a focus on school for the day. Later in the adfternoon Paul, Michelle, and Toby ("Silver Fox") came over for a brew which then turned into several rums - a pleasant sojourn indeed. The kids decided to have a "sail" using the unbrella in the dinghy to propel themselves along - in the process of getting into the dinghy, Grace actually fell in and had an unexpected swim in shark infested waters. She was out in a heartbeat!
After dinner Toby is coming back over for a sleep over.
Toorrow if the weather holds we will sail the 30 ish miles over to Lamen Bay on Epi island.
Until tomorrow, TTFN.