Cruising Passage - At Last!

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Mon 16 May 2011 04:23
Position at 1615 NZST  22.49.5434S 177.03.4082E
Ahoy All,
Have had a very "Pacific" passage since departing Minerva Reef yesterday, with light winds overnight and today allowng us to jog along at a nice 4-5 knots and without having to hang on for dear life. This morning we set the spinnaker, which we held until mid afternoon. As we were sailing all three kids got some school done and by 2.30 pm in the absence of wind we elected to stop for a swim in waters over 2 km deep. It was a really nice break, Angus said "it was cool" (admittedly he was asked while playing Mario Cart on DS with Sarah at the time, hence the brief explanation - he was a bit more animated at the time!).
Overnight the grib files show lightish winds which means that we won't be able to arrive in Nuku 'Alofa with the bulk of the rally boats who expect to arrive there tomorrow having motored. Ufortunately for us, our fuel doesn't stretch to motoring all the way (we only have about 60 ltrs left after the big blow last week) so we will take outr time and arrive AM Wednesday. In any event, for a "cruising" rally, they seem pretty intent on pushing the pace for no apparrent reason. Kinda goes against the intent, I should have thought.
Anyway, tomorrow promises more of the same (bring it on!!). Until then,