A Week is a Very Short Time...

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Wed 17 Aug 2011 03:31
Position at 1500 Vanuatu Time (GMT -11) 15.21.6005S 167.11.4874E
At Anchor, Turtle Point Resort, Oyster Bay
Ahoy Me Hearties,
We have just enjoyed an amazing week in one of the most sheltered and beautiful spots in the South Pacfic. Vanuatu is becoming a bit of a surprising country and the cruising here is pretty cool.
In the last week we have enjoyed a number of fun activities, which have included visits to the local blue holes (quite substantial rivers which emanate from deep holes a couple of km inland), a tour of the local waterfall cascades (where we floated down a gorge carved in the limestone then walked up the cascades) and had very enjoyable social program also. While the weather has not been perfect every day, it has not dampened our enthusiasm for getting out and about.
In between our gadding about the girls have been pretty good with progressing school as well.
Today we have moved down to the other end of the anchorage to the second resort hereabouts at Turtle Point. The resort here is run by an acrobat and aerialist named "Fat Matt" who is a member of one of Australia's circus families. Thiis evening we will be treated to dinner and a show put on by Matt, so it should be good fun.
Tomorrow we will get underway earlyish (about 0700) and move down to Palakula anchorage. There we should be able to travel over to Luganville cheaply to do some shopping and stock p. This is important as we will be touring the eastern islands, none of which has a sufficienty major centre to top up at for the next couple of weeks. There may also be an opportunity to dive Million Dollar Point and the wreck of the "President Coolidge" - the point was a dumping ground for materiel post WWII, and the Coolidge s a large troopship which struck a mine and sank in the approaches to Luganville. Will see how we go.
We are looking forward to a fun night out, will let you know how it goes.