Elegant but no so Swellegant

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Thu 24 Feb 2011 03:45
Position at 1730 NZDT 39.06.4213S 173.21.5921
Wind SW 20 Knots, swell SW 3m and N 1m. Clea, warm and sunny. Moderate to rough conditions. Broad reach on the port tack, course 350T speed 8+ knots
Hi All,
We have had an excellent sail since gettig underway last night... All three girls have joined the chuckles club in the uncomfortable conditions, Cate in particular is annoyed about finding herself on the back of the seasick pill curve.
Early this morning we passed a natural gas production platform which was burning off its by product gas - in the mist and low cloud it looked like something out of Lord of The Rings. As I write, Mt Taranaki has deigned to appear from behind the clouds as well.
Sarah has remodelled her cabin along the line of the "late Bruit" school. Perhaps she will take the hint secure for sea properly next time!
Although we are in for an un omfortable night, we are making ecellent offing - by about lunchtme tomorrow we should be abeam Auckland and by sunset Ahipara Beach at the bottom of the ninety mile beach. Our plan is to anchor in Spirit Bay immediately east of Cape Rienga am Saturday for bit of a break before continuing on to Mongonui noth of the Bay of Islands.
Until tomorrow groovers and movers...