Asanvari, Day 2 - Cate Unwell - Sarah haircut - Island Feast - Kids Sleepover on Siver Fox = Last Jar of Thomy

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Fri 26 Aug 2011 07:46
H All,
A busyish sort of a day, unfortunately Cate seems to have come down with some sort of viral bug which is going through the fleet at the moment - tummy problems, achy and nauseous, high temp and sweats (it's not malaria). Most people seem to get over it in about 48 hours, about six other women in the fleet seem to have been affected.
This morinng we copleted a number of small jobs (one of which included unblocking the head - thank god for vinegar in large quantities) and Grace gave Sarah a fairly radical haircut. Sarah is very happy with her new short look, partly because she doesn't need to brush it, and partly because everyone else in the fleet can tell her and Grace apart at last.
The island dancing and feast were actually pretty good - they went with sinple fare - a "girl pig" (slaughtered this morning), curry and roast pork, rice and freen paw paw prepared as a vegetable. The dancing was also pretty good, and it was interesting to see the difference between the culture of the Louisiades and Vanuatu. The Ni-Van people are a bit more musical than the PNG natives and all villages seem to have a string band which consists of guitars, home made ukeleles and home made tea cheast Bass. Unfortunately the Asanvari band had to leave at short notice due to a death in the family this morning across the way at Pentecoste Island. Cheif Nelson must have been feeling generous because he put on the Kava for free - after four or five "high tide" shells, one is feeling no pain whatsoever and the world seems to be a happy place....
Tonight the boat is unusually quiet (dare I say empty) as the girls are over on Silver Fox for a sleepover. I may have said it before, but in what universe is a ten year old boy (Toby) besties with eleven and twelve year old girls - cruising kids really do make do with what they have.
Tomorrow is a pot luck ashore in the early afternoon. This is a cruiser art form where eveyone brings a dish and puts it on the table for communal consumption. Due to the fact we are mostly at least two weeks out from any serious food shopping opportunities, the fare can be a bit interesting to say the least. The good news is that everyone in the fleet gets on famously and we seem to enjoy each other's company very much - we have made some great friends here and it will be a bit sad to see most of them return to New Zealand at the end of the season when we head home. A few will be heading across to Bundy with us, so the fun should keep on for a while longer yet.
In other news we opened our last remainng jar of thomy mayonnaise today. If anyone wants to come across to Vanuatu or New Cal for a few days, we'ed love to have you, just make sure you bring some more Thomy with you (serious opportunities awiat suitable applicants).
Anyway, we trst all is well at home, Mum and Dad bon voyage for your next caravan adventure: until tomorrow, TTFN