At Anchor, Revolieu Bay, School, Washing, and an Invasion

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Mon 5 Sep 2011 04:11
Position at 0900 VST: 16.43.8236S 168.08.7560E
Hi All,
We moved down from the Foreland Anchorage to Revolieu Bay first thig ths morning before the wind got up. This has turned out to be a pretty good call as the SW swell which has been making the anchorages here rolly has gotten up a bit as the day has progressed.
From about midday on six of the otehr rally boats have jined us, making the anchorage a bit busy. One called us up this morning when we were by ourselves and asked "How is the anchorage" to which we replied "Quiet and Peaceful". Still they came and invaded us however... Interestingly, last night was the first night we spent alone in an anchorage since we left New Zealand.
The rest of the day has been spent doing school and washing - we will need to put in a big effort to close out all of our school before the end of term. Most likely we will head down to Havannah Harbour north of Vila and take a bus into town to pick up the balance of our school stuff from yachting world, then sit in the anchorage there and get weaving.
Tomorrow we will most likely head down to Cook Reef and Emao Is on the easterly breeze that is forecast. Once there, it is a better wind angle to get to Havannah.
Until tomorrow,