At Anchor, Hoba Bay, Pana Numara Is

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Wed 30 Sep 2009 05:47
Position at 1600 AEST:11:09:22S 152:46:75E
Dear All,
A quiet 24 hours following a day of jubilation and celebration over finding the rope stripper for the stbd sheet winch. We took Keith, Ian and Bill off "Investigator IV" a batch of toffee crisps as a thank you - we figured that a bottle nof wine or malt would just disappear into the rather large fridge with the rest of the enormous quantities of grog they already have onboard! We look forward to catching up with them again at Bwagoia on the weekend.
Today the girls had a busy day of school. As the day has progressed the wind has strengthened such that we were obliged to mnove to a more secure and comfortable anchorage for the night. It has also been good for victualling as we have been able to replenish some supplies of fresh fruit through trading with the locals.
Tomorrow we will depart here reasonably early for Kamuta Island, which is onlt 8-10nm from Bwagoia. That will allow us to get in at a reasonable time on Friday to do some shopping, get some Kina from the bank, grab some outboard/generator fuel and get rafted up for the weekend. Sounds like a busy and social time ahead!
Until tomorrow, TTFN