At Anchor, Bugatti Reef

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sat 15 Aug 2009 06:39
20:06:15S 150:19.29E
Hi Everyone,
So much for the best laid plans.... after we sent the entry for yesterday we had to move from our anchorage because the wind was against the tide and the waves were coming in through the transom of the boat. Not very pleasant but the cockpit got a good wash out! So we then spent our fisrt night underway and it was actually quite nice. To tell you all about our day here is Grace:
Ok. So here's how it goes. We spent for seven or eight hours sailing and we finally got to the place where dad wanted to anchor. We stayed there for about two hours and watched the sun go down. After the sun had set the swell just got bigger and bigger. I was sitting in the cockpit reading and all of a sudden this HUGE wave comes in over the stern. Everything aft of the wheel was absolutly satched. Mum cooked dinner and we were about to do the washing up when dad came down below and said that we were draging anchor and we would have to move if we didn't want to crash on the reef. So dad started the engine and revved it up a bit while Sarah and I (I hate to admit it) were hiding away from all the noise. Dad said that we weren't going to get a better postion 'cause it was just too deep. So we ended up doing our first night-time voyage. Sarah and I didn't have to go on watch but in the middle of the night we just couldn't get to sleep. So we both went to sit with dad in the cockpit. Man I've never seen so many stars! the next morning mum was on watch so I joined her. When Allan woke up he went up on deck and found a flying fish! (the first one we've found) We cut it up and used it for bait. Right now dad is playing with his Alien Comunicater ( HFSSB reciever) trying to get the weather report. I'm (obviously) doing the blog again (Why can't Sarah do it?), Mum is in the shower and Sarah and Allan are fishing.    
Love from Grace.
Tomorrow we will head off out into the Coral Sea - the Weather is looking pretty good for a trip to the Diamond Isles followed by Willis Island.