Nivanin Regatta

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Tue 22 Sep 2009 07:52
Hi All,
Just had two pretty cool days with the rally boats - yesterday we had swimming and canoe races, followed by the Lakatoi races, for which we spent the afternoon aboard Guy Chester's catamaran "Sanctuary".  A gracious host, Guy was rather fulsome in his praise of multi hulls over monos.
The other big achievement yesterday was the fitting of our new anchor winch - we are now in the game again. This one has been christened "Al" in honour of its predecessor, "Weird Al Anchorwinch". This one is much, much quieter, and doesn't need as much lubrication....
Last night was a BBQ ashore, before a return to the boat and collapse into bed.
This morning brought the opportunity to sail in a large sailing canoe - remarkable design which has changed much in centuries, except for nylon polytarp sails and nylon sheet ropes. This afternoon was the Dim Dim fun race where we (the Dim Dims ) took the locals for a sail for a fun race. We had 17 locals onboard and had a good time with them. The men steered and demonstrated that they are as aggod sailors as we have seen anywhere.
Tonight we will be having a Moomoo, which is the PNG equivalent of a hangi. I haven't told the kids or Cate yet, but I saw our erstwhile dinner hanging from a large pole looking very nervous about its future as a Pig. I'm sure it will taste just wonderful with the home brew which has been opened after only a week in the bottle (vice two).
Tomorrow we are off to Bagoia and then down the chain with Midnight Blue and Cheetah, bnoth boats with kids onboard. Until tomorrow, oink oink.