Headwinds - Manyna

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Fri 8 Jan 2010 05:59
Postion at 1600 AEDT: 35:54.91S 156 09.22E
Course 135 deg, 6 knots
Sailing single reefed main, 75% genoa
Wind EE at 18 knots, sea and wind easing
Dear All,
A potntially frustrating 24 hours - so far since departing Sydney we have sailed over 300nm, but as I write are only 250m along our track. The overnight hedwinds have forces us well north and we have only just tacked onto the port tack and are at last resuming a course towards NZ. The weather forecast has the wind backing into the north and west as the next low comwes through, so we need to make good miles in the next couple of days or risk being headed again.
Al has been renamed "Weird Al ASKOwich" in honour of his consistent dishwashing skills. As I write he remains steadfastly asleep, as if recovering his teenage years.
We are now in the mid-section of the passage - with a little over 800nm to go to landfall at Cape Rienga, we will be at the most remote part of the Tasman for the next three days.
All is well, crew are happy and Sarah still hasn't lost her lunch...
Until tomrrow,