Whangamumu Harboour

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Tue 1 Mar 2011 17:17
Position at 1830 NZDT 35.15.0554S 174. 17.7690E
Well, wouldn't believe it, but two perfect days in a row! Can't remember the last time we had that. What they say locally about February - March being the best time of the year fro cruising seems to be coming true at last.
This morning we turned to and got quite a bit of school ot of the way before getting moving about midday. Whangaroa Harbour is truly a beautiful spot and we look forward to getting back there soon. Unfortuantely we can't post any photos just yet as we are out of internet range.
Onve underway we passed through the Cavalli Islands and across thr Bay of Islands towards Cape Brett.  Enroute we were challenged by the patrol boat HMNZS TAUPO, so we gave them the requisite amount of stick before reealing our trus colours. Once done, it turned out that there was an Australian exchange officer onboard who I know from patrol boats at home and who Cate did a heap of dental work on last year in Darwin.
The other big event was that because the day was so calm, we were able to both sail and do school at the same time - wish all days were like that, the norm is that as soon as the sails come out, school disappears off the agenda.
We are now anchored in Whanagmumu Harbour, another lovely spot which has the clearest water we have seen in NZ so far. With a bit of mcky weather coming over the next few days we have decided to make for Whangarei tomorrow (Wednesday) to be sure of getting there in on piece. Experience has proven that while it is only 50nm or so to get there, around here in a southerly it might as well be 500.
Anyway, TTFN Photos when we can.