Somewhere new - At Last! Panakuba Island

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Fri 25 Sep 2009 09:41
Position at 1800 AEST 11:087:21S 152:45:91E
Hi All,
We departed Bwagoia this morning at 1000 having spent the night in the anchorage with five other boats. We were invited over to Mora (Rob, Lada, Alex and Henry) for drinks last night, and it rained heavily all night for the first time since Macaky. The Galloway (pat pending) water collection device proved to be a failure, so back to the drawing board.
The passage over to Panakuba was hard on the breeze, but it was relatively calm so we had a pleasant trip. We caught a huge green jobfish which was (of course) a bit bigger than the one Allan caught at Panasia, and it is now doing good service providing dinner for three families. On arrival we were visited by Simeon, and we traded for a local carving; he also wanted the fish head and skeleton and did an excellent job of filleting the fish for us. Two of the 70cm long fillets we gave to Col, Bev and Alex off Midnight Blue, who visited for sundowners this evening. The Panapompom sparkling ale is going down too well...
For the next couplle of days we will remain here just getting ahead of school and maintenance; we lok forward to hearing from you all,