At Anchor, Ilots, Deguala

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sat 1 Oct 2011 05:02
Position at 1600 (-11) 20.27.1032S 166.24.3238E
Hi All,
This morning we started early and motored an hour up the coast to the vilage where the fresh market ws said to be. After we stopped in at the well-supplied shop adjacet to the beach for some essentials, we went in search of the market which Dawn (our bus driver earlier in the week) had said would be there. Upon asking the locals we were referred back to the shop, although two women said they were "fini" - either for the day (surprising, it was only 0800) or permanently, which seems to be the case. Given that Dawn hails from the other end of the island, I wouldn't be surprised if the market had ended and she didn't know.
After we returned to the boat we weighed anchor and made the 21/2 hour trip out to the northern chain of islands surrounding the lagoon. Just as we were arrving we caught a cral cod - their mouth is huge, so they can take a lure usually reserved for bigger fish, so they don't actually have that much in them. This place is pretty special - we are in a small passage between two islands, the water is clear and the sea is teeming with life. Hopefully we will be able to catch a decent fish! Tonight we will be going ashore for the usual sundowners and fire on this, our first uninhabited island in ages.
We will hang here for a few days and see what transpires...