In Misima, Back Online at Last!!!

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Mon 7 Sep 2009 03:30
Hi Everyone,
Life over the last few days has been "problematic" to say the least! After the comms notebook PC self-immolated last week, we have been without email or the ability to update the blog/pick up weater info, etc. As of today we are back online, although one is oft reminded of the advice to "back up". Point taken - getting the right software files for the computer has been a long process via a 56kbps link with phones and power which both alternately and without warning cut out on you. We must be getting into the groove pretty well, because we have patiently waited for the stars to align since Friday, free from stress or angst over the wait. I think it is called "PNG Time" and it is something we wouldn't have coped with this time last year!
Anyway, the extended stay in Bwagoia has allowed us to get on top of a few thinngs, get some shopping done and progress some school. Since the departure of the "Bearded Stowaway on after a month onboard Friday there has been a distinct empty space around the yacht which will take some time to fill.
Now that we are back online, we look forward to receiving emails again - it is always good to get the news from home,
Take Care,
The Equinoxes