Under sail to the Daimond Islands

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sun 16 Aug 2009 06:02
At 1600 AEST: 19:57:41S 151:03:72E
By Grace: Tonight we will be under sail again. NOOOOOO!! Right now Mum and Dad are making breakfast. Bacon and Eggs YUUUUUM!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday we got a free bottle of red wine from the HUGE stink boat about half a mile away. The reason for it is that a helicopter landed on the back of the huge boat. The owner who owns a vinyard in SA sent over his minions in their super flash dinghy to apologise for the noise. Dad said it was the afternoon's entertainment. After that Allan caught a Sweetlip Red Emporer and we ate it for dinner. We went swimming yesterday and we were wearing bright green zink. Allan is trying to grow a beard so the zink is still in his growth. We dared him to keep his beard for as long as he can. 
By Allan; my ship mates are the best a man could travel with and conditions ie weather etc are just spot on. We arrived at Bugatti reef yesterday and it is just beautiful.I caught half of dinner and landed a small shark as well.Today we travel overnight to The Diamond Isles in the Coral Sea ...our first true overnighter.
Wind ESE 18 knots Sea a bit lumpy but all are enjoying the ride (with medication). Until tomorrow...