Almost Over the Ditch!

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Wed 13 Jan 2010 06:22
Position at 1630 NZDT (1430 AEDT) : 34:25:37S 170: 17:51E
Course 090 Sp 7.5 knots
Overcast, sea light to moderate
Wind SSE at 14 knots
Dear All,
We are getting closer! This afternoon we advanced clocks two hours to New Zealand time, and with good breeze hlding we should hopefully achieve a 170nm day. The weather has improved significantly and we have been able to use full sails to make good 7.5 to 8 knots after a frustrating night of calms last night.
Today we started getting the kids boffed up on local foods - hokey pokey ice cream, Lemon and Paeroa saft drunk, and chocolate fush. Pretty good, eh cuzzy bro?
Anyway, at present everyone has gone to bed to sleep for as many of the hours to go as possible before we make landfall around sunrise tomorrow morning.
Most importantly though, happy birthday to Denise and Graham - both older, wiser, and.....