At Anchor, Maitai Bay - North Island Circmnavigation Complete

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sat 26 Feb 2011 22:18
Poistion at 2100 NZDT Saturday 26 Feb 34.49.5221S 173.24.6681E

Well Hello,

I'm writing this on Sunday morning after a good night's sleep at Maitai Bay. We decided to press on after getting to Spirits Bay at the top of the North Island, but the swell would have made for an uncomfortable night. Pressing on became a challenge in itself - the fresh SW wind which made for such a quick trip north also made for a difficult three hour bash to windward to reach our destination. We all collapsed for an eleven hour sleep - the girls didn't get up early to use the first internet reception we have had since Nelson.

As we rounded North Cape (the easterly cape which lies opposite Cape Rienga at the top of the North Island) we crossed last years inbound track from Australia, officially completing a full circumnavigation of the North Island. Won't be doing that again, but glad we did.

Today we will make the short passage (2.5 hours) to the small coastal port of Monganui, which apparrently has the best fish and chips in New Zealand. Hope the fish shop is open on Sundays....

Apologies for the blog entry positions being all over the place, purely operator error and the fact that the mailasail computer (being northern hemisphere based) defaults to latitude north and longitude west when it doesn't recgnise the positions you enter. The result was the confused series of pins in the map you saw - problem fixed, will be more careful with big fingers on little keyboard in future...

Will report back on the fish and chips this evening.