Church ad a Tongan Feast

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sun 19 Jun 2011 03:23
Hi All,
Another cruisy day at Nuiatoputapu. This morning we went ashore to mass at the local catholic church - as expected the service ran as per the Vatican Play Book, but with the inclusion of soem awesome singing, and without the usual offeratory. The singing was truly amazing, with the whole congregation forming the choir, fantastic harmonys and equally powerful parts being sungby some exceptionally talented singers. The Priest could actually sing really well too (not always the case...).
On return to the good ship "Equinox" we took on a quiet afternoon, while I went over to "Windflower" to talk John and Lynne through the highlights of the east coast of Australia, where they are taking a rally next year. We got as far south as Sydney, will complete the next leg to Tasmania at a later date.
The weather for the passage to Fiji cintinues to look most satisfactory, so we are hopeful of another pleasant tradewind sail. We should depart mid-morning Tonga time.
Nuiatoputapu has been a great stopover, and a good way to round out our time in Tonga. We are looking forward to Fiji.
Until tomorrw, TTFN.