Found the Missing Bit!

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Tue 29 Sep 2009 06:01
Still at Blue Lagoon. The dirty little secret is that I dropped the rope stripper off the self-tailing sheet winch on the stbd side overboard while doing some repairs on Saturday. We were kind of happy to go without until Allan tried to order one for us - three weeks and $400 later. So we stayed another day and Keith off the good ship "Investigator" (the only stink boat in the rally) provided two sets of scuba gear and wennt diving with me and we found it on the bottom. Superb effort, and we are very grateful.
Otherwise today has been a busy one, with school and the rally bats all arriving. Unexpectedly the council from the local islands put on a welcome ceremony, and are having a bit of a fundraiser for their elementary school ashore.
We will head off in company with "Midnight Blue" tomorrow to Robinson Anchorage, before returning to Misima (again) for the weekend festival there and to pick up Brother-inn-Law Graham on Monday.
As for now, I am going to have a cold beer and celbrate our "find: