Local Charges, KPI's Intact, Catching up with Old Friends

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sat 10 Sep 2011 08:51
Hi All,
We are in Havannah Harbour still, but have been joined by increasing numbers of other yachts, both rally and non-rally. This morning we motored across to Lelepa Island wich forms the western barrier of the huge natural harbour we are in. Not long after we arrived we were waved off by a local man on the beach. When I went ashore to wuestion him he said it would be 2,000 vatu (about $20.00) to anchor off "his" beach. Nce as it was, we returned to the Ai Creek anchorage from which we came.
In other news there has been a regular review of our Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for continuing cruising. The results were:
1.   Remain financial: we are, just.
2.   Remain married: we are, just
3.   Farts must still be funny: The girls think they are still funny, I think they are hilarious (especially if I did it) and Cate thinks they are marginal at best. Reckon we are over the line on that one, too.
Late this afternon we were joined in the anchorage by the good ship "Silver Fox", with whom we have just shared an enjoyale session of sundowners catching up on their news. It seems liklely they will join us for our overnight tour to Tanna Is sometime next week, so we are all looking forward to it.
Tomorrow we will depart the anchrage earlyish and motor the 18nm around to Hideaway Island resort, which is just a short hop from Vila. Here we will be able to finish up the school term, do some shopping, and catch some Rugby World Cup action.
Until tomorrow,