The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Wed 2 Mar 2011 05:21
Position at 1615 NZDT: 35.43.4479S 174.19.5574E

Position at 1630 NZDT: In the cockpit, feet up, cold beer in hand.

Position at 1633 NZDT: In the cockpit, second cold beer in hand...

A long day sail/motor from Whangamumu Harbour, [ast Whangaruru to Whangarei. Whanga Whanga, Whanga...are there any other place names around here?

Cate navigated us up the river for the three hours it took to motor up to the Town Basin Marina, where we are rafted outboard of a German Boat named "Fee". The welcome here is as warm as we have had, and Sharron the Marina Manager has been at pains to assist in any way. The Marina is right in the middle of town, even closer to the amenities than Chaffers in Wellington, and without the wind! the kids have found and raided both the fudge factory and ice cream shop already.

There are about 45 foreign flagged boats here in this marina alone, not to mention the other two marinas and the two massive hardstand yards we saw on the way up the river. This place really is set up to cater for yachties and the strong feeling we have is that pretty much the whole international fleet is here at the moment. It will be good for the girls, they will have no problems practising their French and German on the various cruisers who are around.

Anyway, with the benefit of the fourth cold beer, it might be time for dinner.

Photos tomorrow. I promise.