At Anchor, Torrent Bay, Tasman Peninsula

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Wed 23 Feb 2011 05:55
Position at 1830 NZDT: 40.57.182S 173.03.502E
Hi All,
It's been a busy few days - on Monday afternoon as we were deciding on a departure time, a chap from the local boatyard came by and asked if we wanted any work done because they were quiet at the moment. The upshot was that we hauled out first thing yesterday morning, and some chaps came along and cleaned, sanded, and painted the hull. We were popped back in this morning, no sweat and at a price which would have been hard to beat even if we had done the work ourselves.
Today has been pretty busy making final preparations for heading north, and getting as much school out of the way as possible - Grace now has a celebrity in he class - Bindi Irwin.
We got away from the marina at about 1400 and motored over to Torrent Bay in the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park. The plan is that we will await a forecast wind shift to the South East this evening and then head north on our planned track. By this time tomorrow we should be past Cape Egmont and enroute to Cape Reinga, which we should round on Saturday sometime if the breeze holds in as per the forecast.
Our thoughts and wishes go out to those in Christchurch who are suffering what is probably the worst natural disaster in the history of New Zealand.
Until tomrrow, TTFN.