At Anchor, Hunga Lagoon - Another Orsome Day!

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Thu 9 Jun 2011 05:22
Hi All,
We spent a quiet night at NUku Island and had a busy morning of boat maintenance and school before motoring across to Hunga Lagoon on the western side of the Vavau Group. Hunga is a lake-like lagoon surrounded by 50-90m high land, with two narrow (20m wide) entrances.
Once we arrived we were joined by the "Silver Fox" team and we all hopped into our dinghies and kayaks and spent an enjoyable coupe of hours swimming and chatting while Toby (the youngest Fox at 9 years old) towed the girls around on a kayak in the calm and crystal clear waters of the lagoon. They have just returned onboard and are pumped!
After dier we are going over the SF for coffee and an evening chat (we seem to do a lot of that round here). Tomorrow we will head up into Nieafu for the evening yacht race,  dinner, the markets and T-shirt hunting.
And so ends another terrific day in paradise....