At Anchor, East Diamond Island

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Mon 17 Aug 2009 07:14
Position at 1600 AEST 17:26:06S 151:04:17E
What an awesome spot! We are the only boat on the Cay, which is like Lady Musgrave on steriods. The Island is a massive rookery for several different types of birds, which all seem to be nesting at the moment, so we saw everything from boobies to terns and gulls various either on eggs, hatching eggs or feeding their young.
Our passage last night was uneventful however the wind refused to go into the south east as forecast so we ended up sailing on the freshening breeze which got up to gusts of 25 knots frequently during the night. This resulted in a very uncomfortable night with little sleep however we managed to make 176 nautical miles in 27 hours for an average speed of just over 6.5 knots. This equates to the magical 150nm day that all cruising yotties aspire to, so far so good. The only casualty was Cate's pride after she threw up for the first time in twelve months. No-one saw it but she 'fessed up anyway...
The plan for tomorrow is to finish off some school before a tour of the Cay. We are planning to head off to Magdeline Cays overnight tomorrow (weather permitting) so we will leave here about midnight tomorrow night for the 68nm trip.
Until tomorrow, yo ho ho, aarrrggghhh etc.