Port Moselle, Awaiting Crew

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Tue 25 Oct 2011 19:38
Hi All,

We are still in port Moselle Marina in the middle of downtown Noumea.
Apologies for the late post, however we got caught in a local phenomonon
known as the "Kilkea Vortex". This occurs when Marion (who could be
Deidre's twin) in her lovely Irish brogue innocently says "would you like
to come over for a glass of wine?" We know from previous experience that
there is no such things as "a glass".

So, we once again stumbled home after ten pm (a whole hour after
"cruiser's midnight") much the worse for wear having been sucked into the
vortex aboard david and marion's lovely yacht "Kilkea II").

Today (Wednesday) is a big day of preparation for departure. This morning
will be stowing the boat for sea (including the schoolwork which we have
finally managed to prize out of DHL - thanks for sending it Ange). This
afternoon we have booked a car and will be doing the rounds of Customs for
pre-clearance, shopping (for No.1 beer for Alan), and sending schoolwork
off from the post office. We will then head out to the airport which is
40km north on Noumea and collect Graham who is able to make the passage
back to Bundaberg with us.

This evening we will head out for dinner with Graham, David and Marion to
hail and farewell. Dave and marion have been great cruising friends and
hopefully we will see them back home next season when they come across to

Tomorrow we will get away about midday and set sail direct for Bundaberg.
We have signed up to the "Port 2 Port" Rally which should smooth the entry
requirements into Australia somewhat.

The next post should be after we depart tomorrow. TTFN!