Asanvari - No More Schedules, Ever!

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Thu 25 Aug 2011 07:46
Position at 1430 VST: 15.22.4331S 168.07.9931E
At Anchor Lawi Bay, Asanavari, Maewo Island. here until about Sunday.
Hi All,
Another day of extremes - we sailed across to Asanvari today, more headwinds. We have decided that the rally schedule is a pain in the proverbal, and that we will NEVER allow it to dictate our movements unless the weather is favourable. The sail today though exhilarating, was not good for the boat and we now have a headsail furler problem as a result. It's not a biggie, but annoying nonetheless.
At the other end of the scale is Asanvari. The welcome we have received at the village this afternoon was very warm indeed, and we have been "adopted" by our host family Mark and Agnes (+ their six kids) for the the duration of our visit here, which should last until Sunday. There was a gift exchange and Cate scored a bright tropical dress - not quite her style, but she wears it well....There is another island feast tomorrow night with some kustom dancing and a string band. Woohoo!  The natural beauty here is quite spectacular and includes a waterfall where all the ladies do their washing. In fact, all the rally ladies will be meeting ashore to wash at 0900 tomorrow.
On a more prosaic note, in response to some requests for the info, the broad plan we have for the next couple of months is as follows:
Cruise Vanuatu until 23 Sep (should be around Port Vila from about 16 Sep)
Passage to the Loyalty Is/New Caledonia 23-25 Sepish
Cruise New Cal waters until about 25 Oct
Depart Noumea for Bundaberg arriving around 1 November
And the watermaker is fine - turns out it was only airlocked from the bashig around we did the other day, All good.
So, until tomorrow, TTFN!