Now In Our Second Year

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Thu 1 Oct 2009 07:36
Positionn at 1600 AEST: 10:41:19S 152:50:7887E }Yep, back in Bwagoia
Dear All,
We have returned to Bwagoia for the weekend for "Showcase" Misima and to collect Graham on Monday. Already the place is beginning to fill up with ten yachts at anchor in the harbour and another 13 Rally Yachts to come. We have managed to get in ahead of the push and have scored our favourite spot again, and doubled up with the stern anchor out. Had to destroy the boat to find it, but all is back in order now!
Today marks the beginning of our second year cruising - so far, so good. All Key Performance Indicators have so far been met, that is: we are still married, still financial, and farts are still funny (just - if Cate keeps feeding me lentils I reckon all bets will be off).
The weather hass been v.ordinary today, we braved our first serious tropical downpour and very rough seas to make it here via the Renard Group, where we stopped for lunch. Enroute to Kumota Is we caught a 1.2m Barracuda, which we handed on to the locals, 'cos they eat themn and we don't. All good turns seem to be returned - Midnight Blue caught another jobfish which they have shared with us - Cate is busily cheffing it all up as I write.
Tomorrow we will need to do a smash raid to beat all of the rally boats to the bank - we need to get mnore Kina out, more fuel and some more food, so we will be hitting the beach early!
Until tomorrow, shipmates,