We Hope Jimmy Buffet Appreciates the Effort!

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Tue 25 Jan 2011 06:17
Position at 1800 NZDT 41.17.391 S 174.47.100 Berth C13, Chaffer's Marina, Downtown Wellington.

So, the forecast for today was for North West Winds, 15 knots for our Cook Strait crossing. That was until I got up early at 0430 this morning and saw todays forecast: 15 knots increasing 30 knots early afternoon. So earlier than planned start, farewelled our new friends at 0800, and by 1045 we were on our way out of the Tory Channel. By 1201 (as forecast) we had the full 30 knots. It was about this time I realised I had forgotten to rig the third reef point in the main. Things got pretty much worse from there and we got pretty badly beaten up on our crossing. The Genoa, which has done yeoman service has begun to expire badly, so off to the sailmaker for it tomorrow to see if new life can be breathed into it.

We have now arrived safe and sound and more or less intact. in the marina in the middle of downtown Wellington, and we are shortly going to have a long shower and then cate and are going to take the kids out for dinner and have about a million beers. Don't bother calling until late tomorrow!

P.S. I hope the Jimmy Buffett concert is worth the smashing!

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