At Anchor, Ranon Bay, Ambrym Island

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Tue 30 Aug 2011 08:18
Position at 1600 VST: 16.08.5935S 168.06.9668E
Hi All,
A bigger than expected day of sailing - the locals at Waterfall Bay wanted 800 vt per head to visit the waterfall (about $8.50 Aust) so we continued on past to Homo Bay, where the the locals stung us 2,000 vatu to take photos of their land diving tower. Their approach was pretty blunt and reflects their regular dealings with tourists. This has been the first time that we have found the Ni-Van people to be anything other than warmly welcoming of us. It's not that we mind paying to visit attractins on their land - we don't - but normally they are very polite and accommodating, unlike today's experience. The anchorage at Homo was pretty rolly anyway, so we left.
After a pretty full-on sail across the Selwyn Strait to Ambryn, we arrived in the anchorage with the RAN Band's rendition of "Waltzing Matilda" at full volume on the cockpit speakers. This was especially important as it was an opportunity to remind the Kiwis in the fleet (who we have now rejoined) who now holds the Tri-Nations Cup. Ross off  "Vixen 7"  was so overcome with the emotion of the moment that he pulled his pants down and directed his bare backside in our general direction. What could he have meant? (It's actually nice to know you have hit the target....).
On arrival we popped over for a quick chat wth Geoff and Ellen on "Bluglass" and ended up staying for a drink. They had managed to negotiate a good deal on a village visit with Rom kustom dancing, and arranged bread orders. On the way back to the boat Ros and Jens off "Kharisma II" motioned us over and put another drink in our hands, so all in all we ended up spending a pleasant couple of hours away from the kids (who are presently fortunate to still be alive).
Tomorrow we will be doing a short ferry trip in "Bluegalss" along the coast to the next village, where we will then walk up to the volcanic plateau to the village where the ROM dancing is happening. It is going to be a full day, hopefully the kids and the leg are up to it.
Let you know how it goes,