Misima ......Still

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sat 29 Aug 2009 06:23
Today has seen the end to the average weather pattern. It appears that the sun is back again and despite yesterdays blog we are still in Misima.Tomorrow is our scheduled departure time. So today has been a very lazy relaxing day giving us the time to collect the washing ,do a little shopping and arrange the purchase of a new anchor winch which hopefully will arrinve not long after my departure so that Cate does not have to haul in 50m of anchor chain especially in Misimas muddy anchorage.
  Speaking of Cate I feel it beholden of me to mention that she does a first rate job of cooking whilst at sea from lemon,white wine and butter Mackeral to Beef Stroganoff ,to amazing Pizzas to Noodle Omlettes it is truly amazing what Cate can create in such a difficult environment and without a moments hesitation. I would be in heaven living this life of luxury back on the dry with a full kitchen.
Last night we headed out for a buffet (to give the overworked Cate a break) of local cuisine consisting of lobster,curry,satay chicken,and a great array of local veggies half of which I have never heard of.The power was out so our pre dinner entertainment consisted of Cate and the kids having hand puppet wars by kerosene lantern....who needs television.
So we have clean clothes are well fed and are contining to explore and hopefully catch more fish. Cheers fron the Bearded stowaway.