Happy New Year, Crappy New Anchorage

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sat 1 Jan 2011 00:27
Position at 0200 NZDT 1 Jan 2011 37.35.380S 178.18.039E

Hicks Bay, Eastland NZ

Happy 2011 Everyone!

Since our blog entry of earlier last evening we had a really good sail up until sunset, when the wind deserted us. Again it was with the iron headsail until we arrived in our anchorage at 0130 this morning. The anchorage is very open and swelly (next coast to the east = Chile) and so we have spent a quite uncomfortable night rolling around (I am writing this at about 0830). The weather pattern over NZ is quite complex at the moment, and as usual the metservice and metvu, my weather oracles, are in complete disagreement about what is going to happen next. In the meantime I guess we will just roll around and put up with it until we get a favourable wind i.e one which isn't coming from the direction in which we want to go...

I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant NYE and that the hangovers are not too intense - I always thought unwell was an unusual way to start the year...

And thanks to Alan for the Qld time phone calls and texts... I SO want to ring you now, brother....

Will update again when we are off and moving, hopeful of getting into Gisborne latish afternoon tomorrow before a bit of a Nor' East blow comes on.