You're Forty Seven, Not Twenty Seven.....

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sat 16 Jul 2011 15:18
Hi All, this is the missing post from 12 July which explains the ankle. It wsn't until we got into internet coverage in the Blue lagoon tht we realised that it hadn't updated beause the maialasail server rejected the numbers in the subject line because it thought it was a dodgy position (it was originally wirttten in digits) and couldn't plot it in google earth;

Cate has always been the first to remind me of my age whenever fun is around, however so far the "harm" has always been minimal. More on this theme in a moment.
Today we had a really interesting time here at Kia Island - after some school we went ashore to do sevu sevu at the village. We were immediately invited to join the villagers and share their place. After lunch we went up to the school to meet the kids and had a great afternoon hearing them sing and singing to them ("crabs and seashells and other Young Endeavour classics). We were then invired up to the head man's house for afternoon tea (very nice ) and then took a walk up to the top of the hill.
At about 4.00, Paul off "Silver Fox" and I were invited to join the local blokes for a game of touch rugby. All was going well until as I was making a run for the try line (villagers chasing but not real hard) I heard a loud "pop" and fell to the ground in some pain. A quick investigation revealed that I appear to have partially torn my achillies tendon. Retruning to the boat and Cate I got hot tongue and an "I told you so"  that I have been assured is likely to last me for the rest of my life... hence the tile of this entry. Turkey drumsticks ain't got nothing on tis one.
Not sure what the injury means to our cruising plans, we will see how I pull up tomorrow morning before deciding. So far the injury has been iced, strapped, elevated, and liberal quantities of painkillers applied. So far so good, but Scott you might be getting a phone call tomorrow, mate. The best option if it doesn't come good in the short term might be a quick sail down to Lautoka and a visit to the hospital there - probably a better bet than a banana boat trip into Labasa. Suffice to say, Cate while tending to my injuries and mopping one's fevered brow keeps remiding me "You're 47, not 27...."