At Bwagaoia Harbour, Misima Island

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Thu 27 Aug 2009 07:17
Position at 1600 AEST: 10:40:34S 152:48:41E
Sarah: Last night we had a rubbish fire to get rid of all of our stinkin' rubbish! We had coconut, crab and fanta(beer for parents)! Today we got to misima(yay!)and on the way Al caught an 85cm fish!!!!! So we went anchor to look around. There were two schools, two shops,a hospital and a whole lot more! We also had the weirdest softdrink I've ever had! Dad and Grace had lime fanta, mum had pineapple fanta and Allan and I had creaming soda fanta!!!!!!! weird. There are also a LOT of dogs. Lots of the older peeps had red teeth from chewing beetlenuts!.
PS blog from the now bearded stowaway AKA Allan...Fish was a Spanish Mackeral and the crab was local muddies...All of us have never eaten Crab sooooo sweet. The Beer referred to is Chris Draught or officially known as Sid Harbour Lager which after aging for all of 4 weeks was icy cold and very special.The villiage on Misima gave us the first impression of being a little rough however after getting the lay of the land was found to be friendly and we are touring tomorrow up to the skull cave and then dinner at the guest house. Our whole 2 weeks of washing is costing only 20 kina.($10) yet a litre of unleaded is 5 kina($2.50).  
PPS from the skipper: If anyone has any bright ideas on how to get a 7.5 kq anchor windlass from Whitworths to Misima Island any time in the next month, I'm all ears!