Departed Tonga, Sailing "Wing on Wing"

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Mon 20 Jun 2011 06:10
Poistion at 1800 Fiji Standard Time:15.48.4771S 174.30.7986W
Course 265T Speeed 6.5 knots, sailing wing on wing (headsail poled out opposite the main, wind right astern)
Hi All,
We are underway at last having departed the Nuias aboout 1030 this morning. Last night's feast and BBQ on the small island off Nuiatoputapu was the best yet in Tonga, suckiling pig and chickens on a spit, and salads provided by the yachties. We also achieved proof of concept with the air pot to keep the Pimms and Lemonade cold!
This morning we traded with Sia (the local ICA contact and caterer from last night) for some fresh fruit efore we headed off. My clunky old Dell laptop was sent across to John on "Windflower" as a stand in replacement for his machine which suffered a blue screen of death. Presently there are bits from Equinox spread around the fleet - I sometimes think we are a seagoing department store.
Anyway, the sailing is going well hope to be in Savu Savu sometime Thursday, forecast looking good so far.