At Anchor, Wairahi Bay, Great Barrier Island

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sat 5 Jun 2010 05:36
Position at 1700 NZDT: 36:12:55s 175:20:29e

Two days for one!

Yesterday we motored over to Port Fitzroy, went for a walk for an hour or so up to the waterfall in Forestry Bay, then did some shopping at the general store. As we had filled the watertank at the wharf earlier in the day we all had longish showers, before heading ashore to the Port Fitzroy Boat Club for an most excellent dinner (lamb racks - very nice). After a return onboard in the pitch black, we settled down for a quiet night.

The plan for this morning had been to head about 15nm down the east coast to a place called Whangaparpara, ahead of some heavy north easterly weather. Unfortunately the wind came up a little earlier than anticipated, so we motored down to Wairahi Bay, home of "Barrier Gold" which is a locally produced balm or oil made from the local manuka tree. Overnight we are expecting rain and up to 45 knots of wind, but so far the anchorage is very snug. As the day has worn on, there have been a number of other boats turn up, so think we are on a winner.

As the breeze picks up, Diedre has spoken up and so we should hopefully have plenty of amps coming in so we can settle down for a DVD after dinner. Might go for something a little less adult than "Life of Brian" which we watched this afternoon.

Until tomorrow, TTFN