Still at Musket Cove

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Fri 5 Aug 2011 19:43
Bulla Bulla All,

I know I said we would put in adhoc entries, but ten days is a bit long I

We kinda figured that the story of "what we did on the holidays" at a
Fijian Resort Island might not be terribly interesting.

The stay here has been most enjoyable and we have actually needed a bit of
a break from the cruising routine, so it has been nice.

The highlights have been the snorkeling, pretty constant social
interaction ( we are stern to on a pontoon which has been a fun hub), a
visit from the Alboms in NZ, and the opportunity to get some maintenance
work done.

Grace won a fancy dress competition held at the "W" party a couple of
nights ago, she went as "Wonder Woman" in a costume of her own design and

My leg is getting better slowly, I'm now able to walk mostly without a
crutch and it feels much stronger.

The weather the last few days has been pretty ordinary, and we are sitting
around in jeans and jumpers in a chilly 20 degrees. The pattern which has
caused the chilly weather has also forced a delay in the star of the next
leg of the rally for most boats until Sunday. There was a rambunctious and
contentious skippers meeting on the topic yesterday which led John and
Lynne to (the organisers) to scope out a later customs clearance. Turns
out the Customs Officers were swayed by the offer of a night on the resort
to watch the Beldisloe Cup match and an open bar tab. Gotta love Fiji,
well done John and Lynne!

So, all things being equal, we should be away tomorrow mid-morning. Mark
and Ange, we will contact you prior to departure and confirm the tracking
arrangements with you.

Until tomorrow,