At Anchor, Loltong Bay, Pentecoste Island

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sun 28 Aug 2011 04:16
Position at 1400 VST: 15.32.5912S 168.08.7273E
Hi All,
A quiet day, with our first "non-schedule" sail and surprise surprise, it was quite short, in the direction we wanted to go, and quite pleasant. Hopefully this will be the norm as we get around the Vanuatu Archipelago in the South Easterly trade winds which appear to be well established (at last!).
Of interest, we had a similar situation in 2009 when we went to the Louisiades - the trades were actually really strong from mid August until mid-September when they eased and were either 15 - 18 knots, or dead calm. As I write we have 20+ knots coming off the hill here in loltong at us and we are swinging around the cable constantly.
Our plans from here are pretty flexible. Essentially we need to be in Port Vila by about 16 September if we want to make the side trip down to Tanna Island to visit the Volcano there, so we will day sil our way down the archipelago, stopping at Epi Island for about a week to see the Dugong and Turtles which apparently live there in fairly large numbers. We should arrive at the northern end of the Island of Efate (the main Island) sometime after the 10th or so, which should allow us to spend a few days at Havannah Harbour getting caught up on school.
Otherwise, we are having a quiet Sunday - Cate is probably at about 80% and was well enough to go ashore with Kirsty off "Noe Noe" to rinse some towels in the waterfall which runs into Asanvari Bay. We're all glad she is getting back to her usual self.
Until Tomorrw, TTFN