Ouvea Day Tour

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Wed 28 Sep 2011 07:27
Hi All,
We have just returned from our day tour of Ouvea, the northernmost of the Loyalty Islands. Ouvea is a low, uplifted Island which curves around in a reverse crescent to make a lagoon about 15nm long bu about 10nm wide - the lagoon is the bluest water we have seen on this year's cruise. We boarded a bus with most of the rest of the rally fleet at about 1.30pm. We were frotunate enough to be able to spilt all seven of the kids (Us x2 SF x 1 and Utopia x 4) into a nine seter mini bus and the extra parents were able to travel in the car which John and Lynne (the raly organisers) rented while we are here.
We then set off around the island visiting a soap factory, two blue holes the cathedral, and finally the supermarket ( we shopped 'em out like a plague of locusts). We returned back to the pickup point with Cate practising her french on Dawn, our Driver. At the end of the trip Dawn promised to deliver us some pampelemouse from her tree tomorrow morning.
We haven't yet decided what we are going to do tomorrow, will see what the weather brings. Another sh*&^y dy in paradise....