Misima Showcase Festival

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sun 4 Oct 2009 01:03
Dear All, We have been a bit too busy to produce a blog over the last couple of days - in short, this is what we have done:
Friday - all of the rally boats arruived, along wiuth a fiurther 10 non-rally yachts. During the morning we rafted up with a bunch of other yachts with kids aboard - Midnight Blue, Cheetah and Stereo. Since then it has been like living in a madhouse! In the afternoon we went ashore, got cashed up, and purchased the last of the local supply of UHT milk. Milk for breakfast and brews all the way home now... Sundowners on Midnight Blue, collapsed into bed.
Saturday - we spent most of the morning at the showcase festival, saw the Miss Misima Girl contest and some dance troops performing thier traditional dances. We must have seen the "canoe dance" 10 times. During the afternoon we returned to the boats and had a bit of quiet time, while Cate, Kate, Beverly and Sharon went ashore to seek out the cooking demonstration - 101 ways with yams... On her return, Cate was summonsed to the Riviera 56' "Investigator" who previously had helped us with the diving gear. The owner had an abcess, which I conveniently forgot to tell Cate was on his foot! having ministered to Ian's ills, she rejoined us of sundowners sitting on the deck between ourselves and Cheetah. Collapsed into bed...
Sunday - Slow start, Cate went over to "Investigator" to check on Ian's foot, and came back with a buttefly lamb roast, some rib fillets on the bone, and a bottle of Janz champagne. Very good score indeed!
We are looking forward to Graham arriving Monday, not looking forward to the phone bill Angela has given him! I guess the real world is never far away. Hopefully this raft will break up on Monday and we will be able to head off to Kimotu or Kamital in the afternoon to begin our slow progression eastwards down the archipelago to step off into the Coral Sea in a week or so.
TTFN, Chris