At Anchor, North Side Yanuca Island

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Thu 7 Jul 2011 07:57
Position at 1600 FST: 16.29.7528S 179.41.7929W
Wind Se at 15 - 18 Knots, occasional showers.
Hi All,
We got away from Qamea Is a bit later than intended this morning. Having decded to go for a walk on the beach, we then spent a considerable time meeting and talking with the numerous members of the Mitchell Family, owners of the plantation in the bay. Once again we received a terrific, fulsome and positive welcome, including an introduction to "King George" the patriarch of the family. After a very pleasnt walk along the beach in the beautiful anchorage, we returned their visitor's scrapbook, complete with a full-page entry from us and the SFs.
Grace and sarah then spent the afternoon aboard SF as we made the 15nm passage to Yanuca (pronounced "Yanoutha") Island where we are ow at anchor. We are now securely anchored in another picturesque bay, this time  with a sandy bottom (no sund of chain on coral to keep us awake overnight). We attempted to go ashore to do sevu sevu, but the 20m of fringing reef off the white sandy beach has kept us out until hgh tide tomorrow morning. Then we will go ashore to the very tidy looking school which dominates the bay to see if we need to pay our respects.
This place is so nice we may well remain here for a couple of days. The snorkelling looiks awesome, and there seem to be planty of walking tracks, not to mention a georgious beach to walk on. We will let you know how it all goes tomorrow....TTFN