At Anchor, Qamea Island

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Wed 6 Jul 2011 06:31
Position at 1600 FST: 16.44.5934S  179.46.1910W and very relaxed...
Hi All,
We escaped Viani Bay this morning and in company with "Silver Fox" (SF) made our way out to Qamea Is (pronounced "Gymea") where we have settled into a very comfortable oevrnight anchorage. This bay has a plantation in it, so there is no need to do "Sevu Sevu" with the local head man for permission to use the bay.
On arrival we went for a snorkel along the shoreline and then had a late afternoon tea with the SF's. Toby and the girls then went kayak surfing towed by him in their dinghy - all good fun and the grls both managed o do it staning up this time - god stuff.
The nice part about being here is that we are the only two boats, and the VHF is mercifully silent. No matter how peope try, 15 boats in an anchorage makes for a very chatty time!
Now that the weather has settled back into the SE, we will make our way up to the Budd Reef, which has a number of small reef islands and apparently some great snorkelling. Hopefully we will get to sevu sevu there, we have five bunches of kava root burning a hole in our pockets!
We now have a really good weather window in front of us, so time to get cruisin'