At Anchor, Nivani Is

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Fri 11 Sep 2009 09:33
Hello All,
We are still here at sunny Nivana/Panapompom Island; overnight the government attempted to get us in their clutches with a Quarantine Officer requiring us to pay K250 to be granted pratique. We told him that the Customs Officer took K190 off us and told us we had cleared Quarantine (pratique) when we cleared in, to which he replied that there was no charge for custom clearance and that he was not authorised to grant pratique. Long story short, v.angry Quarantine Officer told us we had been ripped off enough and departed at speed in his Banana Boat to have it out with the Customs Officer. Something must have happened because a boat that was told they were to be cleared in this mornng could not because the Customs Officer had been called away at short notice. Moreon the saga tomorrow, but I hope we have gotten out of it for cheaper nthan some of the other yachts that have now joined us in the anchorage.
Today has been generally pretty quiet - I went fishing with Milla the local Pastor (who we gave a lift across to Misima a couple of weeks ago) and it was high tech rod and lure vs nylon handline and chicken feathers wrapped around a hook. An inclonclusive result, no fish caught but Milla had the "one that got away".
This evening we had a fire on the beach and drinks with two other boats Dalmurra (Peter and Ushi) and Lupi Amori (sic) (Klaus and Maria). Klaus and MNaria are comning over tomorrow to translate all of the warning labels on Equinox for us.
Another perfect day in aradise, until tomorrow...TTFN