Father's Day, A Long Sail, At Anchor Foreland Bay

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sun 4 Sep 2011 06:18
Position at 1600 VST: 16.40.9846S 168.07.4823E
Hi All,
We left Port Sanwich this morning at pretty much the tail end of the mob, expecting an 8-hour beat to windward to get to Lamen Bay on Epi Is. As luck would have it after three hours the wind became quite favourable and we were able to make it to Lamen by about 2.00pm. Once we got there, te anchorage was very rolly, requiring boats to put out stern anchors to avoid rolling heavily in the low swell coming into the bay. With a combination of this, the crowded anchorage and a desire to get away from the mb in mind, we decided to head about an hour further south away from the crowd and the incessant chatter on the VHF radio. We arrived here about 3.30pm and are enjoying a quiet Sunday afternon by ourselves. We cant' remember the last time we were in an anchorage by ourselves.
Today is father's day and so the girls have been busy cooking a nice meal. Happt father's day to all of you fathers out there,