Sparrows Beach Bar and Tobago Cays

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Wed 8 Feb 2023 00:08

12:38.179N 61:21.684W
 Sparrows Beach Bar and Tobago Cays

For our last evening on Union Island we decided to try out Sparrows beach bar …no sign of Jack Sparrow but a lovely sheltered spot for a chill and dinner. It was a bit of a risk to stay out after dark as the water taxi stops running but we are embracing the idea that everything will work out. Sure enough a couple approached us on the beach and recalled they were on the pontoon next to us in Tyrrell Bay. It’s a Hamble based boat as well - a 50ft Hanse. Anyway we got talking and quickly established that they had a dingy and were happy to give us a lift later so we could relax and enjoy dinner together. 

Monday we set off to Tobago Cays . Thanks to all of you suggesting places to stop on Facebook it’s really handy to have confirmation we are hitting the hot spots.
En route we passed a super yacht called Black Pearl ….again no sign of Jack Sparrow. Maybe he was watching what looked like a giant flat screen TV set on the first of 3 masts


 It’s quite busy here at Tobago Cays and the mooring buoys can run out so we were happy to snap up a free buoy. We bummed a lift ashore with the Park Ranger when they came to collect the mooring fees.  She was most impressed by our 2 women transatlantic story, she hardly believed that I was the captain and that we didn’t have husbands ashore. I pointed out blokes wouldn’t have a Purple boat which helped convince her. 

On Tobago Cays we met a group filming for the BBC Natural history unit. They were touring various Caribbean islands. They have just come from filming the unique geckos on Union Island. I showed them the shot I had taken yesterday and they confirmed what Claire had been telling me all holiday that my wildlife shots were not up to the standard required !!! Actually it wasn’t even the special unique gecko just a normal one.  Oh well!

Meanwhile on Tobago Cays we found this rather grand Iguana: 

We went all the way to the other side of this island ….a 2 minute walk ….en route out popped Harry the Hermit crab. I dived straight to grab him noticing he was sporting team colours with a magnificent purple claw. Claire is more squeamish and dived for the camera . 
The afternoon we spent snorkelling and discovered some really great fish and coral.