Day 26: Boat jobs in the sunshine in Lanzarote

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Mon 10 Oct 2022 22:02
28:55.008N 13:52.47W

Day 26: Boat jobs in the sunshine In Lanzarote

It feels great to be finally in Lanzarote. We made it through the Orcas, had 4 days at sea and finally at 05:30 this morning we pulled into the marina.
We’ve had a very productive day , sorted out the boat lift for Thursday, had a big tidy up, washed all the kit and moused through the Halyards so they don’t get covered in sand blown off Africa.
We rounded off the day with a cold beer and lovely meal.
Purple Mist is in good shape with very little broken so our main job now is to get her ready for January. The delivery main sail went in the dustbin, I salvaged a few fittings and the battens but the sail was dead, deceased, in the words of Monty Python is was a no longer a sail, an ex-sail.
The weather here is really redhot , but we pushed on through with the jobs so we have some time for site-seeing tomorrow and Wednesday.
I have to say it’s really exciting to be here , feels like a massive achievement to be here in one piece.
Thanks to Ian for all his help today

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