Have we caught up anyone yet?

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Sun 9 Jun 2019 02:42
39:11.987N 24:26.085W

Firstly thanks to all of you writing supportive comments on Facebook, whilst I can’t read them directly Tessa is kindly sending them onto me via email and it’s lovely to read them . I’m glad you are all enjoying my race so much. It’s good to share it with you.

So over here mid Atlantic the wind has continued to lessen. At dusk we said no spinnakers in the dark, too much risk. However as soon the boat speed was down to 4kts we threw away that idea and up went the S2 (big symmetric spinnaker with a pole) . We are hoping others are less brave and we can make gains on the fleet.
Now the question is dare I go to sleep and leave Bobby singlehanded ? There are lots of ropes to get in a ravel with these sails and they have a nasty habit of wrapping themselves round the forestay (wire from mast at the front of the boat )

Earlier this evening the stars were out again. Such a difference to last night we can sit outside , have the hatches open to dry out the boat a bit and enjoy some music . We have travelled west but still working on British Summer Time so it now doesn’t go dark until 1am but it’s not dawn until 6am....which is a bit weird.

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