Last day in Bequia

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Sun 12 Feb 2023 20:22

Last day in Bequia for us as the wind is finally set to calm down tomorrow so we are heading North to Antigua with a probable overnight stop in Dominica. It’s been a lovely spot to be stormbound and good to read its many people’s favourite island.

We spent the morning having a clean and tidy. Claire got busy with the the bleach inside and I was slapping a freshly purchased tin of oxalic acid on the yellow stains on deck. We seem to have picked up lots of stains and we need to be looking our best for Antigua. A dodgy gas bottle I bought in Spain had spewed rust marks in and around the gas locker and over the deck outside. Also I think it’s suntan cream creating some very bright yellow patches. Anyway it’s now all sparkling clean with the magic of Oxalic acid gel.

This is our last stop in the Grenadines so we queued to check out at Customs and immigration. Despite a reasonably good electronic system it’s still a painful queue and more $$$ required to check out.

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Whilst our walk ashore pontoon is convenient its not really an open marina yet and doesn’t have any facilities and so after the obligatory afternoon beach and snorkel we snuck a fresh water shower in the beach showers at the posh hotel. Claire had pre prepared and brought shampoo and conditioner ! I have to say I did feel a bit like a student on a gap year though we had bought drinks in there a few nights ago. Well I say bought drinks we had had a couple of happy hour round when an American guy stopped by to chat. We told him the story and he was so fascinated he bought all our drinks …very kind.

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We will be off grid for the next few days as we make the 250NM passage up to Antigua. I’m looking forward now to catching up with everyone I know who will be there. We will be the first 2 women to do this race as well…at least in IRC. I think more women have probably done Vendee Globe than C600 though the coskippers are not mentioned on the Class 40 results, nor whether they are 2H so it’s a bit hard to verify.