And we are off

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Tue 18 Jun 2019 15:02
Well after a week of mostly partying in Ponta, we are off sailing again. Like many we are a dry boat (no alcohol drinking whilst underway) so a chance to recover after the excesses of Ponta.

The committee boat was a rather impressive Portuguese navy vessel so we scooted past and gave them a wave. The sea scouts were aboard helping out with the sound signals for the start.

We had a great start 3rd over the line behind Zephyrin and Joy. The big choice was west or East I think most boats have chosen West. The start was light then then wind died to nothing so we all drifted for a bit but we’ve picked up again now. We getting to see the bit of the island we missed in the dark when we arrived.

It’s hard to describe my feelings last night, partly excited to be racing again, partly a little nervous of the stormy weather that is constantly brewing up. In theory we should have more downwind yeehaa type Sailing, but the forecast is also showing some upwind stronger stuff towards the end so I’m sure we will be bouncing at some point and you can have a laugh at what I fall off next

At the moment it’s shorts and polo shirt (just!) and 4g phone signal for a while longer

JPEG image

Follow that spinnaker it’s made for Purple Mist

JPEG image

Jangada overtaking...mines a non alcoholic beer as you will no doubt beat us to Falmouth

JPEG image

We will miss the partying and friendship aboard Exehibitionist

JPEG image

The committee vessel, RORC need one of these I think !